Yayyyyy!!!!  So I have been listening and life has been changing and making room for me to host Wine and Numerology workshops and events in different cities.  I was praying and asking for more time to do this and then BAM, my job laid me off.  No worries though.  I am just going with the flow and riding this ride. No destination is final and all doors are open so let’s do this thang!

The amazing DJ BE Phenomenal will be hosting a few of these workshops with me and I am so glad to have her along for the journey.  You can view her website here – http://djbephenomenal.com/

REMEMBER – when purchasing your tickets, be sure to send in your full name and full birthday so that you can get your personalized numerology card  for the topic of the event. Don’t forget to do this so you don’t get left out of the full experience of this event.

Click the links below for ticket details and information for each event! Cheers!

APRIL 14 2957 Capital Park Drive, Tallahassee, FL 8- 11pm GET TICKETS HERE

APRIL 25 Lincoln Cafe 740 East Long Street Columbus, OH 43203 7-9pm GET TICKETS HERE

APRIL 26 Red Barn 2011 South Brook Street Louisville, KY 40208 7 – 9pm GET TICKETS HERE





Join me at the Crystal Fox in Laurel, MD on March 17th and 18! I will be doing numerology readings from 11:30am to 4pm on 3/17 and 11:30 am to 6:30pm on 3/18. I will be going over your life path number (your destiny number, what you came here to do and learn), your day of birth (what you are good at and best practices to navigate that number) and your personal year (what this year’s personal numerical vibration is for you in detail). You can call the store at (301) 317-1980 to schedule your appointment and walk ins are definitely welcome.

The Crystal Fox is an amazing metaphysical shop with a fantastic amount of EVERYTHING to healing/magical herbs, crystals, candles, tarot decks, incense, jewels, huge library of books, and many other things that you are sure to be drawn to. The Crystal Fox also has a calendar of gifted awesome readers, good energy, and a slew of workshops. You can view their website here http://www.thecrystalfox.com/ and I hope to see you there!

VIEW THE FACEBOOK EVENT HERE – https://www.facebook.com/events/182166205727621