Let’s Talk About Cardi B!

Lookin’ like I caught a lick, look at me!  Yes, let’s look at Cardi B!


Listen, hood or not, I am sure you have heard of Cardi B and if not, you will know more about her after reading what her numbers are looking like!


Let’s jump right in!


Cardi B, birth name Belcalis Almanzar was born on October 11, 1992




1992 = 21 = 3

11 = 11 (remember we never reduce master numbers.  We add them as is)

10 = 1



1 + 11 + 3 = 15/6



So let me first touch on some basic astrology.  Cardi is a Libra.  One time for all the Libras!  I have some amazing Libras in my life by the way!  2017 is the year of the Libra when it comes to the blessings of Jupiter.  If Libras were/serious about their success and come up this year, they would have the help of the almighty planet of luck and gifts, Jupiter and based on alignment that is exactly what she has done!  Cardi, you totally took advantage of Jupiter this year!


Life Path – 15/6


Cardi B is a natural lover.  Love means a GREAT DEAL to her.  She will have some kind of love for you even when you have crossed her (contrary to the line – If a b*tch beef with me, we gone beef forever!).  She is strong though because she is used to being the matriarch of her family and the person everyone comes to when they need help or advice and because of this she may never tell you how much you have hurt her.  The 15/6 means leader in love even though love has MANY changes. She has become used to going with the flow when it comes to love.  This is not just love from romantic interests but love from friends, family, and even strangers.  This is why it is so important for her to have a discerning eye as to who is really to her highest of good and who are just clout chasers and people who are out to use her for her fame and kind heart. Children and their innocence and love are actually little healers to Cardi B.


“And I pay my mama bills, I ain’t got no time to chill” is like the billboard slogan for those who are life path number 6s in general.


Her life path number has to know when to turn away people mainly family and friends and when to be there.  It is tricky, especially since many great things are happening to her! She need not give certain family members/friends money when she knows they are not good with their finances.  It would behoove her to set up Trusts and have them go through a nonprofit she owns rather than her personally because it will be difficult for her to say no to someone that she loves to their face. She also has to watch how much time she gives to family to help them fix their issues.  Sometimes family can abuse the fact that they know you will always be there for them. Your time, just like your money is valuable.  This is something that affects us all but it penetrates the #6s vibrations and brings about deep pain that is often times hard to heal if done over and over again. She must always know that she does not have to include family in everything and that it does not mean she loves them any less when she has to omit family in certain parts of her life.


In romance, Cardi needs to know/affirm as often as she can that even though her way of loving changes like the wind, that she is still worthy of stable, consistent love that does NOT change like the wind.


Cardi is born on an 11 day!  She is a master communicator!  She thrives and excels in public speaking and communication is her birthright!  Even if you are not from where she is from, even if you have nothing in common with her, she has the ability to MAKE you understand her way and her thought process.  Being born on an 11 day makes her GOOD at being personable, a team player, compromiser, and a person that is ok being in the background if need be. Don’t let fame take away this amazing trait you have, Cardi! She can look at a situation and say, no that is not for me right now, but I know someone on my team that it is perfect for.  The biggest thing she will have to work on with this day of birth is tact.  The more tactful she is (during the right times because sometimes you have to pop off) the more her energy will be balanced, because the truth is number 11 energy is rather sensitive and you don’t want to bring on issues that you could have eliminated due to being more diplomatic.  The number 11 is Michele Obama’s entire life path number.  You can tell from her face sometimes she wishes a b*tch would, but chose tact instead!


Cardi is in a personal year of 13/4.  When I saw this was like yesssssssss!!! You WORKED that 13/4 literally, Cardi.  The number 13/4 is about work.  It is also about procrastination, but more importantly hard work.  I am talking about going in the trenches and getting it done work is what this year is about for Cardi.  This year is about leaving no stone unturned and making sure that every task is complete.  The lessons of this year are about paying attention to detail and completing the task of those details no matter how tedious. This is also a year of paying close attention to your health and doing the work to keep yourself healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


Lastly, let’s get in to Cardi’s triple cycle from the months of 9/30 to 12/30.  This is the vibration that surrounds the year you are born.  So being born in 1992 means that for the rest of Cardi’s life from 9/30 to 12/30 she will have the help of Jupiter to have many lucky breaks.  She will need to be careful with overindulgence and overspending, but this is a time to enjoy! This is a time to travel and be seen!  This is a time to write and perform!


May your come up inspire all who have goals and dreams that seem so far way!



~ And so it is~




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