Let’s Talk About Sade!

Her deepness surpasses the comfort zone where lust and passion meet love and heartache.  She has the ability to capture you with the essence of her honey only to keep you engulfed forever and always, much like the story of how Osun lured Ogun out of the woods with her honey.  Her raspy and soul focused voice is like a mating call for any of us that have loved so deeply that the ache is addictive.


Sade, born Helen Folasade Adu was born on January 16, 1959.


Let’s break it down.


1959 = 24 = 6

16 = 7

1 = 1


1 + 7 + 6 = 14


Sade’s numbers are a true representation of what she came here to do. She shows you in her music the very essence of what these numbers mean. I was not surprised that her life path number was 14/5 which is considered a karmic debt number in numerology, but is also an Osun number (5).


She came here to learn how to completely be free without taking advantage of her freedom.  The 14 karmic debt number means that in a previous life freedom was manipulated, change was not understood, overindulgence in sex, drugs, alcohol, or people was a battle and in this lifetime she came to learn how to balance all of these things (not an easy task to do).


Number 14/5s are naturally sensual and are also considered sexual healers so anyone that comes in contact with them sexually becomes elevated in some kind of way but also becomes easily addicted to their essence.  Not everyone can handle the honey pot! Her music does the same and her voice has the same quality of the almighty honey pot.  Because of this she is majestic.


I also noticed that her day of birth is 16/7 which is also another karmic debt number.  Love is important to her, but at the same time it aches.  She has to constantly be in the space of knowing there is always enough love to go around for her grand spirit. The throbbing pain of memories of love and love lost absolutely penetrate her music and we all can relate and feel her in higher vibrations because her numerology is parallel to what she is doing for the masses to hear. She is showing us about all forms of love in its rawest form and it touches our souls in imaginable and unimaginable ways.  The 16/7 makes her a seeker of the deep mysteries of love, spirituality, and the secrets of what makes our humanness so fragile when it comes to our perception of love.  She is indeed LOVING out her destiny.


For 14/5s with a day of birth of 16/7 travel to places that are undiscovered where they can just be and soothe the spirit are ideal.  They are able to go with the flow of change easier all the while having the time and privacy to explore things they never knew about themselves.


Sade is a masterpiece.


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