Let’s talk about Shonda!

When I started researching the numerology of those heavily in the limelight Shonda Rhimes was one of the first that I looked at and let me tell you, her numbers made my toes wiggle!  She is definitely doing exactly what her destiny speaks about!  So let’s talk about it!


Shonda was born on January 13, 1970




1970 = 17 = 8

13 = 4

1 = 1


1 +4+ 8 = 13




So not only is Shonda’s life path number 13 but her day of birth is 13! This right off the bat means she came here to WORK.  Your life path number is your destiny and your day of birth is what you are good at. So she is also GOOD at working.  In numerology 13 is considered a karmic debt number.  It means that in a previous lifetime work was not managed well so she came here to learn how to work effectively and efficiently while taking credit for her own work and no one else’s.


13 is the number of work and procrastination but the amazing thing about this number is that when the folks with this vibration apply themselves they can reach heights matched to their greatest imaginations!  This number has the help of Jupiter (thus the 3) so when those who have this number work hard, they get many rewards from good ole Jupiter!


Shonda is a powerhouse!  When 13/4s know where they are going it makes it easier for them to also know who to pick to work with and for them because the (1) in the 13 makes them excellent leaders and a good judges of character.


The great things about Shonda’s numbers is that she is also born on a 13 day.  Naturally number 13/4s want to procrastinate and getting started is usually a huge battle, but because she is also born on a 13 day so it makes it easier for her to recognize that in order to reap the benefits she must work and not dread the idea of work (even if it is something she loves). She understands that she must view every detail to its core and leave nothing to for speculation and frivolous imagination. She knows that she must get it done and she expects the same from her team.  No slackers, boo. NO SLACKERS!


13/4 is also about working for health.  Being healthy and taking care of the body is work!  She allowed herself to focus and work on herself to lead a healthy lifestyle all the while working on TV show hit after hit. She indeed has accomplished a great deal but must also remember that it is ok to take a break…a real break.  13/4s can be prone to fear of procrastination so they can work themselves to a pulp never taking a break to just be.  They must learn over and over again that is it ok to do nothing and to be in a space of no work (on a time frame of course).


Another thing about Shonda’s numbers is her year of birth (which I will do a blog about later).  She was born in 1970 which equals 17/8 so from September 30th to December 30th of every year she can make a great deal of money because that is her triple cycle for these months.  So for the rest of her life, these three months can be very abundant!  So yeah her numbers made me totally orgasmic!!!!


I am pretty sure her and her buddy Oprah have had a lot to talk about since they both have the same life path number!


Cheers to the 13/4s! Wooohooo!


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