Wine & Numerology – Sensuality and Sexuality

Connecting and engaging.  This is what I love about my wine & numerology workshops. The last workshop was amazing and I am completely looking for to the next one!


The next workshop’s topic is “Learn about what sensuality, sexuality, compatibility, and self love have to do with YOUR life path number.”


Sensuality is the art of understanding how you are able to effectively indulge into those things that bring you pleasure. Your life path number has a pattern of characteristics that outline your desires from your highest good to those things that are not to your highest good.


Sensuality and sexuality contrary to what some believe are natural forms of self-healing as well as vices that bring pleasure, cravings, desire, indulgence/overindulgence. This workshop will touch on both sensuality and sexuality equally as it relates personally to your individual life path numbers.


Compatibility in numerology is always a big one, but this workshop won’t touch on individual compatibility with another person…that will be another workshop!  This one will be about how you as an individual person gets along with people in general which indeed will also delve deep into sensuality and sexuality.


And then there is self love.  Self love is the absolute best love.  How you show love to yourself is ultimately the greatest thing we all came here to learn, but sometimes it can be forgotten through the people in our lives, how we process sensuality and sexuality,  our daily routines, how we speak to ourselves, and how we process receiving and giving love.


Let’s go deep…and sip some wine.


See you soon.





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