The number 13

The number 13 in numerology  has always been one of the most interesting numbers to me because of how it contradicts itself.  On one end this number is known to produce the most amazing results on any project they place their hands on and because of this can produce a great deal of long lasting enterprising focuses on pretty much anything they put their mind to.  On the other hand, the number 13 is also the number for procrastination.  Not the kind of procrastination that  you stop something for a few days and then start again, but the kind of procrastination that keeps them from doing what their heart’s desire for year and years.  Being consistent and tackling one goal at a time is a challenge and is something that those with the life path or day of birth 13 have to constantly and consistently work at.


This is the number of work. However it is also considered a karmic debt number which means that if this is your life path number,  there was an abuse/lack of work or you asked to come here to learn about what it means to work hard, with no short cuts.  And just a heads up, short cuts mean dead ends for 13 people.


This is slightly true for those who have names that begin with “M”.  M names are hard workers but need to not completely shut down and stop working when things get hard or when things unexpectedly happen because it is especially hard for you to get started again.


I don’t like telling 13 folks this.  But I know that it is important to discuss because 13’s often ask the question, “why do I have to work so hard”?  but the very essence of this number is work and 13’s came here to work.  The most rewarding thing about this number is all of the very high level generation to generation success that could start just with you and be built into something that remains constant even after you stop working for whatever this huge thing is.


The work is your medicine.  It is how you heal yourself.  It is how you learn about how you work and how well people love your work ethic and receive your genius mind.  If you stopped working today you would not know what to do with yourself and become consistently consistent and inconsistent with doing, NOTHING.  That is a purgatory of sorts for you with a  sure recipe for years of wasted time.


Working smart and hard is the right and good slogan for you.  The slogan work smart not hard does not pertain to you in any way.  You have to go through it. You have to walk through the trenches and get it done.  That is where the MAGIC IS! You have to see how you did the damn thing from ground up and you get to feel proud of those accomplishments.  You have to see how fruitful your deeds of the work you are doing really is! You get to check things off your goal list and you get to celebrate all of that.


Oprah has a life path number of 13.  Her career has truly been one from the ground up  type of enterprises.  Her business is one that she dug through from the bottom to the top. Every detail of her business, “best believe” she knows it.  No stone is unturned  and because of that her strategy was and is constantly thought out and rising. Her legacy and her name will live on long after she leaves this earth plane.  This is how all 13 energy is.  Imagine how awesome it would feel to see your hard work, dreams, goals, and visions manifest in a huge way, as they absolutely should.  13’s will emerge in a grand way just from this manifestation, alone..


Sure all life path numbers procrastinate but it effects those with life path number 13 or day of birth 13 in a completely different way.  It goes deeper because the work to be accomplished has a healing  through overcoming the fear of getting it done. Don’t be afraid to get it done, dear 13.  Don’t be afraid of stepping into the unknown of completing your tasks and don’t be afraid of how big your success will be just from completing what you’ve been putting off for so long.  Don’t be afraid of the details, because there will lots of details to all of the things you came here to do.  Just remember to do one detail at a time.


You will get flustered and you will feel like giving up sometimes moment, by moment, but remember, YOU ARE A SUCCESS, a lucky #13, success.  Boom!


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